Save as Template

Post content templates are saved as a post of type “Post Content Template”. The post content of the post is used as the template definition. The slug of the post is the name of the template. The easiest way to create a post content template is to save the post content of an existing or new post as a post content template. You can do this by clicking on the Save as Template button of the post content editor. The template is saved with the title of the current post and an automatically generated slug. Later you can edit the saved post to change the title and the slug. If the saved post content is contained in [mt_template] block, you should remove this outermost [mt_template] and matching [/mt_template]. This outermost [mt_template] [/mt_template] construct is not needed as the post content of a post of type “Post Content Template” is automatically in the scope of a template and this construct actually introduces a new template scope which will hide the template variables of the outer template scope. The easiest way to enter the shortcode of a previously saved post content template is to use the “Insert Template” dialog box.