The Shortcode Tester

The "Shortcode Tester" lets you quickly and easily verify the HTML generated from post content templates and WordPress shortcodes. To show the "Shortcode Tester" click on the Shortcode Tester button of the post content editor. The "Shortcode Tester" treats the source as a post content template. For convenience the "Shortcode Tester" automatically prepends a "[mt_template]" tag and appends a "[/mt_template]" tag to the source so you can omit the beginning and ending template tags. In addition to template processing the "Shortcode Tester" also applies WordPress shortcode processing so the "Shortcode Tester" can also be used to display the HTML generated from WordPress shortcodes. The values of custom fields referenced in the source are the values currently stored in the WordPress database. Newly entered values that have not yet been saved are not available.